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Custom Foot Orthotics/Arch Support in Hamilton

Not all foot orthotics are made the same and not all types of foot orthotics are appropriate for a specific condition. Many factors are considered when we decide if you need foot orthotics or not. Your age, occupation, body type, weight, the shoes you may need to wear, and other relevant factors, are all taken into account when we plan to make orthotics for you.


We have two options for making foot orthotics, most are made in house in our own workshop, and some are made by a local laboratory that meets our quality requirements and expectations of what we want in foot orthotics. The decision is made at the time of your assessment.


Once we have assessed you and if we have determined that you require custom foot orthotics we will explain the process to you and create a treatment plan. Once a plan is agreed upon we will proceed to have the foot orthotics made for you.


If indicated we have pre-made foot orthotics available, these are readily available and a less expensive option than Custom foot orthotics. It is best to discuss with the practitioner if this is a good option for you.

Orthopaedic Shoes, Boots, and Sandals

Through Just Feet, right next door to us we have a number of orthopaedic shoe lines available to us.
Portofino, Apex, Aetrex, Bio-Time, Cambrian, Propet, Anodyne, Brooks running & walking shoes, CAT and Wolverine safety footwear.

We also carry orthotic friendly sandals from Porto-fino, Biotime, Cambrian, Schien comfort & Fidelio.

Orthotic friendly slippers from Porto-fino and Biotime are available.

Please Note: Not all shoes shown on a supplier’s website are available in all sizes/colours or available in Canada.

You will be sized and fitted properly with some of the best shoes available to us.

A Note on Orthopaedic Shoe Coverage and Your Insurance

We encourage you to check exactly what your benefits cover. Some plans do cover “off the shelf” orthopaedic shoes, these we can provide readily. Some plans require the shoes to be modified, if needed we can modify footwear.

If there is any question about insurance coverage, we suggest getting a “predetermination letter” first. This will help your Insurance provider determine if it is an eligible benefit or not.


Custom made shoes: We can have custom shoes made for you, we do a very limited number “in house”, most are sent out to be made. Our experience has been that plans only cover a certain amount of the cost of custom footwear. Often you are out of pocket a considerable amount of money. We find we can fit many people with stock modified orthopaedic shoes for much less money than a custom-made shoe. If a custom-made shoe is truly required, we can help. 

We are always prepared to do a “Predetermination” letter for your insurance company for the cost of custom shoes. This letter explains what we would like to provide, why you need them, and the costs associated with it.


“Free Shoes”

As the adage goes; nothing in life is free. Offering free shoes under an insurance plan is both illegal and immoral. We Do Not offer ‘free footwear’ in any form. If your plan covers orthopedic shoes you may be reimbursed for the shoes.

Orthopedic shoes at our clinic are available for purchase with or without insurance coverage, we offer Orthopedic shoes as a service, it is not required or mandatory to buy footwear from us.


Our experts always prepared to provide a “predetermination” letter for your insurance company for the cost of custom shoes. This letter will explain the below in detail:

  • What we would like to provide?

  • Why you need them?

  • The costs associated with them

Contact our clinic to learn more.

Solutions You Have Been Looking For

Sometimes, the solution for your foot problem is a custom-moulded product that provides support and comfort. We'll educate and advise you on the right solution to your foot problems!


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